Garcinia Cambogia Now Available In Canada

Garcinia Cambogia BannerGarcinia Cambogia is the newest natural diet pill to be introduced to Canada. It is arguably the most effective superfruit in existence.

The media, the medical fraternity and the weight loss community are  all talking about this wonderful supplement that can help burn fat, suppress appetite and also lower cholesterol.

It can be used as sole weight loss agent or in tandem with something else. It is powerful, versatile and side effect free.

If this is your first experience with using a diet pill you could not have made a better choice in Garcinia Cambogia – watch the video below for a very graphic description as to why you be using this powerful natural supplement.

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How Can Garcinia Cambogia Help You Lose Weight

How much weight can you lose with Garcina CambogiaGarcinia Cambogia offers the two most beneficial mechanics of action found in any diet supplement.

Firstly it inhibits the production of fat cells and helps your body burn fat more efficiently.

When you eat foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates it gets converted into energy for use immediately, the excess gets stores as fat for later use.

The problem for most of us is that the fat reserves are never tapped into – our burgeoning waistlines are testament to this fact. Garcina Cambogia can help to stop a high portion of fat from entering our system – it can also help to convert the fat that has been earmarked for storage into lean muscle mass.

“when we finished formulating Garcinia Cambogia Extra we looked at one another and all thought how on earth do we top this … we have just brought together two of the most beneficial, powerful and effective natural ingredients and managed to squeeze them into the one product”Scott Stewartson, Formulator

Suppressing appetite is the second process and equally at adept at helping you lose weight. Controlling hunger is absolutely essential if you intend to reduce your BMI. Garcinia Cambogia can help you lessen you appetite and reduce the amount of food you eat per meal. It can also help you feel fuller for longer before and after a meal.

Taking the supplement without any modification to your diet or participating in exercise could help you lose around 4lbs a month – but combining with a healthier diet and moderate exercise could help you experience 3 times (approximately 12lbs a month) these results.

What Does The Media Say

Garcinia Cambogia has been featured in the media in virtually every country in the world. Appearing in lifestyle publications, health and fitness magazines, newspaper articles and most recently on television.

Perhaps the biggest coop was the Dr Oz lead program highlighting just how important the supplement is and how it should be considered an almost compulsory component to everyones diet.

Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia In Canada

There are several brands in circulation with arguably the most recognised and familiar brand being Garcinia Cambogia Extra – containing 500mg of pure ingredient per capsule and 200mg of raspberry ketone there is not a brand that can offer this combination.

It is available to but direct from the official Canadian website and costs

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